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TreasureHerbs Giloy Churna (100 g)

TreasureHerbs Giloy Churna (100 g)

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Treasureherbs Giloy Churna is a train of Antioxidants that helps in Building Immunity, preventing the onset of common infections, Chronic Fever, prevents body from harmful viruses & rejuvenates health. Heal your health with Giloy Churna: It is more enriched than ordinary Giloy Churna available, as the process adopted in its manufacturing is slow & difficult. We source hand picked wild giloy stems from forests. No doubt it is time consuming but delivers a quality product. Loaded with Antioxidants & Minerals. Helps in boosting Immunity. Promote Overall health & avoid from harmful viruses. Helps in stress management, boosts digestion and manages diabetes.

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