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TreasureHerbs Body Mass Tablets for Men and Women (60 Tablets) Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers

TreasureHerbs Body Mass Tablets for Men and Women (60 Tablets) Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers

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  • TeasureHerbs Body Mass Tablet is a perfectly-balanced blend of rare and powerful herbs that naturally adds strength to muscle mass.
  • These powerful herbs provide more energy to muscle tissue, facilitate better protein intake, speed up muscle recovery, prevent sores, swelling and muscle breakdown, fire up muscle contraction and expansion, and help manage edema (water retention).
  • Professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, strength trainers, gym goers and fitness seekers agree that while whey protein, energy shakes and fancy supplements are good for building muscle mass, they are simply not enough to give you muscle strength.
  • Human body consists of over 640 identical bilateral pairs of skeletal muscles.
  • Workout and strenuous exercises cause our muscles to break.
  • As a result, our body triggers reduction of inflammation and repair of muscle damage, which eventually leads to muscle growth.
  • Muscle growth only happens when muscle repair exceeds muscle damage.
  • So merely adding more proteins or artificial supplements may not give extra muscle growth beyond a saturation point, unless you adopt holistic nutrition that builds muscle and nervine strength, facilitates faster muscle repair, supplies higher oxygen levels, and aids symmetrical muscle growth.
  • TreasureHerbs Body Mass Tablets supply holistic nutrition to give your muscles the real strength.
  • The carefully-balanced blend of high-quality herbs in TreasureHerbs Body Mass Tablets  builds muscle strength, accelerates tissue repair, provides superior pain relief and builds immunity.

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